خیریه نیکوکاران شریف

Changing For The Better

Changing For The Better


You may probably know that Nikookaran Sharif mostly helps Female-headed households and kids who are growing up without a father but to fulfill our responsibilities in the best possible manner we had to make some changes. Up until now, we used to allow the benefactors and donors to choose an angel to support and empower which most of the time, they were being selected because of their names or how they look …

And this would eventually lead to a not so fair system but as of right now, all your donations and help are going to be spent equally on every child’s needs. Our priority is to empower our covered families and meet our obligations.

The new change helps us act more wisely and our client’s rights and dignity will be more respected.

Thanks for always supporting Nikookaran Sharif.

Make sure to stay with us on and spread the word so that more people could help widen the circle of love.

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