The empowerment of all of the protected individual and families in the realm of the Protection Department is performed through the following methods:
A- Social Workers Unit: The experts and inspectors in this unit protect the eligible people after conducting necessary examinations. Appropriate measures are taken for empowering clients and their self-reliance.
B- Monthly Salary Unit (Pension/Basket of Goods): Here, the Foundation’s protected clients are paid a certain amount of money on a monthly basis. In addition, some items including protein and cereal products, detergents, etc. are delivered to them. This is also performed after conducting necessary examinations and applying required expertise.
C- Health and Treatment Unit: A contract was concluded with Parsa Subspecialized Hospital to maintain and control clients’ health. In this process, experienced, trusted physicians were hired for maintaining clients’ health.
D- Training Unit: With respect to the training needs of the clients, vocational and health skills, and business skills, an appropriate cooperation was established with technical, vocational, and state-run training centers for better training and obtaining authentic certificates so that clients would become self-sufficient and self-employed.
E- Employment and Entrepreneurship Unit: Attempts are made in this unit to make clients work in different centers in society in proportion to their skills. Nikoukaran Sharif Charity Foundation participates actively in the designed systemic programs to provide very high motivation and enthusiasm and to employ clients in creating jobs and entrepreneurship for self-sufficiency and economic independence. Creating manufacturing workshops and a production atmosphere is highly effective in saving on costs, preventing foreign currency being spent on purchasing foreign products.

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