Iran is one of the biggest Muslim developing countries, which should be changed into the economic hub in the region and the world in its 2025 Vision. The results of economic development in each society belong to all the classes, including poorly supervised children and families and those with no provider. Moreover, Iran’s social conditions are so weak that there is still a great gap between the poor and the rich. Therefore, it will be our honor to assume our role relying on Almighty God, with a solid, unwavering will, and provide happiness and prosperity for our fellowmen. Such a critical and valuable mission will not be accomplished without collaboration and synergy of all administrative and executive colleagues and esteemed social workers.
Bearing in mind divine consent, we do what the Foundation and board of directors afford to in order to provide a part of the spiritual and material needs of the needy.
Meanwhile, the manager of Nikoukaran Sharif Charity Foundation is ready to receive your constructive opinions directly to promote the Foundation’s goals via the following e-mail address:
Managing Director: Mrs. Shiva Mohammadi Nik (PhD)

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