خیریه نیکوکاران شریف

!Happy Bright Minds

!Happy Bright Minds


Making bright minds happy and ready for the new school year!

We all love having new things and it always makes us very happy and delighted.

Most of us buy new clothes for the New Year to renew ourselves and maybe to forget about life’s hardships. With your help and support, Nikookaran Sharif was able to share the exquisite joy of owning new stationery with the children in need for their New School Year!

Both new clothes and school necessities were given to our beautiful angels at Nikookaran Sharif Charity to make a day worth remembering.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, we couldn’t have so many people at the same time, and there was no other choice but to give them the equivalent to tomans to ensure the health and safety of our clients.

Only a few of these angels had the chance to visit us at our Support Center to choose their own stationery and enjoy it.

There’s still time to help us reach out to more kids and give them what they like and what they really need!

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