Public relations is similar to a bridge connecting the Foundation and all individuals of society to create a spirit of understanding and interaction and to have mutual understanding with general public based on scientific and practical research. In fact, Public Relations Department is the beating heart of the Foundation.
In this department, the employees resolve the existing problems in a clear way and an experienced manner using the issues of their field of activity.
On the one hand, having relations with society’s public opinion, drawing a clear image of public relations, allocating an appropriate time for sponsors and their thinking and satisfaction with better services of Nikoukaran Sharif Charity Foundation and on the other hand, accepting constructive criticism within an extensive spectrum are among the major duties of public relations.
Functions of the Department of Public Relations are as follows:
– Offering new communication technologies and modern information methods
– Preparing publications, quarterlies, newsletters, tracts, brochures, etc.
– Informing all individuals of society of the activities of Nikoukaran Sharif Charity Foundation
– Preparing conditions for cultural and artistic development of the individuals protected by the Foundation using various cultural mechanisms
– Managing recreational and pilgrimage trips, and sports and artistic events
– Creating a favorable atmosphere for consultation of the needy individuals protected by the Foundation
– Expressing congratulations and condolences for different occasions in a year

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