Village Reconstruction In Cham-Gerdab , Pol-Dokhtar , Kermanshah

About Nikookaran Sharif Charity

Thanks to almighty god and by taking advantage of the meritorious experiences of our founder and entrepreneur  Dr. Shiva Mohammadi Nik , aimed at empowering those people affected by poverty and to support Orphans , Nikookaran Sharif was created in 2014 as a non-governmental organization registered: 33505 and license number 1302/25607 .

This organization has a special advisory board from United Nations Economic and Social Council. 

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تامین سبد کالای غذای نیازمندان

Basket of Goods

مشارکت در روند بهبودی یک بیمار

Treating Patients

ازدواج جوانان و تامین سیسمونی نوزاد

Matrimony & Layette

تامین و مرمت مسکن نیازمندان

Housing Reconstruction

توانمندسازی و ایجاد اشتغال

Empowerment & Emplyment

حمایت از تحصیل ایتام و نیازمندان

Education for Orphans

برگزاری سفرهای زیارتی و سیاحتی

Tourism & Pilgrimage Trips

ساخت مرکز درمانی برای نیازمندان

Healthcare Construction

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No one
has ever become poor by giving