Nikokaran Sharif Charity Foundation is found in AP (Asan Pardakht) service by acceptor code of 302989.

The Foundation has concluded an MOU with Asan Pardakht Company. Based on this, people’s cash assistance will be transferred to the account of Nikokaran Sharif Charity Foundation account by dialing *733*4*302989#

According to the comprehensive information of Public Relations of Nikokaran Sharif Charity Foundation, the benefactor who play the role of sponsor benefactors in the Foundation and would like to support orphans and clients comprehensively with no access to banks may participate in this pious act by sending *733*4*302989# code using a cell phone. This way, they will be a member of the big family of Nikokaran Sharif Charity Foundation.

Online payment in Nikokaran Sharif Charity Foundation will be done without installing software and/or setting a specific item. You only dial *733*4*3o2989# code.

Therefore, the esteemed benefactors may transfer the relevant amount of money to the account of the orphans and guardianless families of the Foundation by entering acceptor code of 302989 of Nikokaran Sharif Charity Foundation and providing the information of their bank debit card in the system without paying extra amount. You may also transfer money for other public works, and share its earthly and heavenly reward.

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